Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welcome to the Grand Canyon State!

A week and a half ago, the Hubby, our three cats, and myself made the 1500 mile trip from Tennessee to Arizona. After our walk through with the apartment manager, we dropped off our cable box and got on the road at 11am. The first day was fairly uneventful as we traveled through Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas. We stopped for the night in Dallas, TX. After I hit up WalMart for some cat food and stopped by Wendy's to grab some dinner, we watched some TV and went to bed. We woke up the next morning at 8am and loaded up the kitties and our bags again to continue our travels further west. I had never traveled directly from Tennessee to Arizona, so I took and unfamiliar route which put us in Texas for the majority of the trip, which wasn't so bad since the speed limit was 80 mph in some parts. After some rush hour traffic in El Paso, we were finally in the worst state in America: New Mexico.

I hate New Mexico so much and have never had good luck in this state, so why should I expect it to be any different this time? I had about a half tank of gas when we entered NM, so I thought there would surely be a gas station along the way. I saw a sign for a town and decided to look for gas with my GPS, but it said there were none close by. So I thought we'd just continue and find one...well, that never happened, so I had to turn around with intentions to head to a gas station 40 miles away. While heading to that gas station, we ended up in that small town where there were supposedly no gas stations, only to find a gas station there. I was annoyed, but glad that we didn't go too far out of out way. After we filled up, we continued in New Mexico, which was right on the border with Mexico, we actually had no American phone service and the Hubby recieved a text from AT&T offering him a deal for international service, haha. I was really glad we did go back for gas because there wasn't another gas station for probably another 150 miles and we would've been screwed with no service. We did get to see some illegals being busted by Border Patrol though, so tha was interesting.

The cats faired alright -- Mitters barfed like he always does (car sickness, I guess), George had one accident on day 2 (we were driving for 14 hours, so I wasn't mad), and Lola was a little angel :] We arrived at our friends house at 10pm AZ time and took showers and went to bed, we were so exhausted!

Since we've been here, the Hubby has continued to look for jobs, submitted a few resumes, and is hopefully going up to a UAV company this week to talk to someone. Our roomates have been great, only asking us to pay for food. They have a bulldog, and while it was rough at first, the cats have gotten more comfortable around him. I hope the Hubby can find a job soon and we can get a place of our own, but for now, this works. I of course miss my friends, AZ just seems so far away from everything and everyone I love. Hopefully when we have our own place, then I can have some visitors :]

Sorry this was so long, I will try to keep everyone updated if anything blog worthy happens, but as of right now, life is fairly uneventful!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I don't update this thing because I find it more entertaining to read what others have wrote than post about my pretty boring life. Since I last posted, a few things have happened, most importantly, my husband got his citizenship and my sister had her baby. Both were pretty great days in the month of May. I also went to Atlanta with some girlfriends and got to witness 'ethnic trash' at its finest while at Six Flags. The biggest thing happening now is my husbands departure from the Army next week and our big move. The packers are coming on Thursday, picking up everything on Friday, and after I spend the weekend cleaning (which I am totally looking forward to), we'll do a walk-through on Monday and we'll be out of here. Last night, the husband and I decided officially that we'd go to AZ to stay with our former roommate and his newly pregnant wife. We're hoping that he'll be able to find a job quickly, that doesn't involve him going to Iraq. We talked last night and decided that overseas contract work was really something that we just don't want to do, it would be too hard. So now he's hoping a UAV position opens up, and if not, Border Patrol is something else he's looking at. It's really scary, but what can you do? I'm very grateful to have friends to take us in (we actually had multiple offers, haha), and we'll make the best of it while we have to.

That's it for now! I'll try to update more, I promise.