Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm Boring.

Which is why I haven't blogged in ages. Life is seriously so uneventful. I now have a job 2 days a week, so that keeps me occupied some of the time. The days I don't work, I go to my friends house where we take our dogs on a walk & then let them play. Yes, a playdate for dogs. But it seriously helps Bronx get out some of his energy! The hubby and I bought a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2 weeks ago, so now my husband drives himself to and from work - which is truly amazing if you know my husband! Since he's now driving, it is imperative that he makes his new ride cool - so this weekend he & some friends tinted the windows and bought a new CD player for it (he's driving the Vibe to work since it gets better mileage). The CD player is waiting on a mount kit to come in the mail since that car has the weirdest dash ever: dashboard

Notice the little 12V plug on the bottom right - I love that thing!

I talked to my parents on Sunday and they informed me that they're coming out west next Spring! They'll most likely meet us in Vegas and spend some time there, then drive down to AZ and hang out with us here for for a while. I am very excited!

Other than that, life is pretty boring - and boring is good in my book :]