Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ding Dong!

Since buying a house & moving into a subdivision, rings on my doorbell and knocks on our door have increased. I am the type of person who doesn't answer unless I am expecting someone or the person on the other side looks harmless. But due to the weather warming up, these knocks have increased and have the money in my wallet has decreased! Here's the knocks in a nice little list.

#1 - Girl Scouts. Okay, I'll admit I wasn't unhappy when they knocked on my door. I don't mind buying things from schools or organizations, especially kids. I remember being a kid, knocking on someones door, and feeling hurt when they turned me down. So when the GS came, I politely bought a box of Tagalongs and Thin Mints and my waistline hated it for me later :]

#2 - Republican Party. Okay, I am not a Republican, but I listened to this old guys speech and then told him I wasn't yet registered to vote in the state of AZ, so sorry pal, I can't sign your petition. I'm not going to sign it regardless - I know nothing about the guy your talking about. I'd like to research a candidate before I just sign my name to some piece of paper.

#3 - Cookie Dough. This was for the local high school's cheerleaders. Granted I'm probably not going to even make the white macademia nut cookie dough I ordered, I again remembered my childhood door knocking, and paid the $15 for it. Besides, they told me my dog was cute :]

#4 - Meat Guy. I knew I should've turned this guy away right when I answered, but I get suckered in everytime. Everytime. So I let him in and he shows me all these kinds of meats - for $400 or something. I didn't want to spend the money, but when you break it down, it really is cost effective. I bought 9.5 lbs of beef, 9 lbs of chicken, and 3lbs of salmon for $190. It sounds like a lot, but the beef is steaks (Ribeye, T-Bones, etc). I hardly ever buy beef because I for one don't really eat it. My freezer is stocked for the next 6 months I'd say!

#5 - Random Creepy Guy. Okay this one happened about an hour ago and I didn't answer. It's Saturday and my husband is sick and we're still in our PJ's. Anyway, he rings the bell and stands there for literally 5 minutes. No exaggeration. Then he knocks and stands there for another 2 minutes, finally leaving. It was creepy and he was old. I don't know what he wanted, and I don't really care. I swear he was peeking in my house too. This is our front door. It's hard to see in, but if you put your face close enough, you can see inside on certain parts of the glass.

So there you have it. I'm sure more will come and knock and I'm sure there are more who will be ignored or get my money. Sometimes I miss apartment living - no one ever bothered me there!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I love Spring and here in Arizona, Spring is only a month long before it's so hot you regret buying a black car. This Spring will be mine & my husbands first Spring as homeowners! Which I guess only sounds exciting in writing. In actuality, it means a lot of work! So far, we've pulled all the weeds and picked up all the leaves - and that alone makes my yard look a million times better! Weeds aren't normally a big deal, but since we have gravel instead of grass, they're way more noticeable, therefore I think the whole neighborhood looks at our yard with disgust (even though I know it's my next door neighbors yard that is truly the worst!).

Among the weed pulling & leaf pick-up, our trees have all started to blossom! Our two unidentified trees now have leaves again. Our peach tree has the prettiest pink flowers (I didn't even know peach trees had flowers before peaches), and our purple flowering trees look and smell amazing (too bad the bumble bees are always around them, freaking me out). To go with all our nice landscaping, we have to put new flowers in our flower box, hang our hanging tomato plant, and put a new plant in one of our pots - I'm waiting until May though, when I'm sure the threat of freeze is over.

Then of course, there is Spring Cleaning! The only area that we have to do is the garage since I keep my house pretty clean. We still have all our moving boxes, which we're giving to some friends who are moving in May, and giving them back their washer/dryer that we were storing. So that will clear up some space. I'm really excited. I love cleaning and organizing. It calms me :]

Hope everyone has a happy Spring!